The Spanish Impulse team is made up of 8 of the best sailors in our country. In the record book we have twelve world titles, six continental titles and two Olympic representations in Rio 2016. Behind them, there is a managerial staff with experience and the same passion: sailing and the sea.

The team’s goal is represent Spain in the Red Bull America´s Cup, held in Bermuda, in June 2017. Though we look for something else, we would love to win the competition and share our day to day with everyone who loves our sport and with those who might fall in love with it if they know it a little better.

The America’s Cup is the oldest and most prestigious sailing competition in the world. In terms of media impact, this race can be compared with the Olympic Games or the FIFA World Cup. The Youth America’s Cup is a unique opportunity for our young sailors to prepare them for the future America´s Cup.

The possibility of sailing in an AC45 (a flying catamaran) and sharing experiences with the best sailors of the world, is a fact that is not open for everyone.  However, thanks to all the supports we are getting, we hope to achieve the first participation in the Red Bull Youth America´s Cup.

Without any doubt, this can be the first step towards being the Spanish Fifth Challenger in the America’s Cup in the future.

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