Humility, Education, Respect


The Spanish Impulse sailing team was born for the Red Bull Youth America's Cup (Bermuda, June 2017). The best Spanish crew members from each class were selected. With only 35 days of training and less than 20% of the budget of the other competitors, they made it to the finals, tying with those who would later finish in 1st and 2nd place.

After the competition, the team focused on three areas of action:

Olympic Campaigns: promoting the Olympic campaigns of our crew members. To date, we have supported campaigns in 470, 49er, Nacra 17, Laser, Finn, and Kitefoil in the Rio, Tokyo, and Paris Olympics. Currently, we are working on a new project to promote sailors from school age, without having to leave their studies, in collaboration with the Nàstic Sports Academy.

Foiling (flying boats): it is the future of sailing due to its speed, technology, and innovation. We want to be present in the main foiling boat competitions.

Professional Sailing: despite having excellent Spanish talent, there is little professional sailing in Spain. We intend to be permanently present in competitions such as the America's Cup, SailGP, and The Ocean Race until we eventually win them.

We compete to win, but also, with the aim of developing the nautical and maritime industry in our country, boosting the personal and professional careers of the crew members, and advising companies to enter this exciting world.